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With over 25 years experience in building, managing, fixing, problem solving and optimising Microsoft Access databases and VBA applications, we best placed to help you with your project. Offering excellent rates and a broad skillset, TheDevTeam is best placed to help your business and your team. To help get us started, please answer the questions below, ticking all options that apply, and one of our experts will be in touch within 1 business day.

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Have you outgrown your Access database?

There is a simple rule of thumb that says that if you have a large records set and/or more than half a dozen concurrent users on an Access database, then you might benefit from a move to Microsoft SQL Server. At above these levels you are likely to find that Access becomes slow to respond and occasionally locks up whole pages of records that are being used by other users.

Eclipse Miningware

An MS Access database front-end on steroids; originally built for a mine for Newcrest and subsquently implemented elsewhere, this product demonstrates how flexible & scaleable MS Access can be.

Speed up your database

Is your database being very slow to respond? Nothing is more irritating to staff than finding that their access to vital data is sluggish – especially if they are on the phone to a difficult customer.

Source code recovery

Losing source code can leave you in a costly predicament. If the software is important, the cost of redeveloping it from scratch is extremely painful. We can ease the burden by recovering large parts of your lost code and giving you back control.

Software Development Skills

Productivity in software development has improved even faster than the hardware - Moore's Law - double the power every 18 months.

Newmont Mining

We were originally approached by the owner of a pie shop in Brighton, East Sussex to build a database for one of the World's largest gold producers in Ghana, West Africa. After our initial sceptisism it turned out to be true and one of our crew went on-site for a month whilst one of the World's largest surface mines was being prepared for production.

Mott Macdonald

The Mott MacDonald Group have an office based in Brighton, East Sussex and came to us looking for a quick turnaround on an enviromental management database on behalf of the BBC. The project took less than a week to turnaround, from design to implementation and that's where the real power of our libraries and standards can be utilised for the benefits of any business.

AMO - Advanced Medical Optics

A customer data application for the global eyecare medical research company