Data profile for London, Westminster

This page demonstrates the type of information we can plot for you. From "" being the last property recorded by the Land Registry as having been sold within a 2 mile radius of to information from showing that theft from the person was the category with the highest reported incidences of crime.

For most areas the map markers are grouped and will ungroup as you zoom in more closely. Because crimes are often recorded as being on a junction or part way down a road they share the same location and can't be separated on the map.

Icons signifying groups of markers
2 to 9:  10-99:  100-999:  1,000-9,999:


The information below is queries on-the-fly from using the longitude and latitude for London, Westminster. The crime most reported for September 2018 was theft from the person

By Category

theft from the person90668678
anti social behaviour7117613
violent crime67058165
possession of weapons33331
public order21417544
other crime18361
vehicle crime1271082
bicycle theft1121356
other theft103197328
criminal damage arson102943

By Outcome Status

Under investigation251
Investigation complete; no suspect identified5

Stack Chart

The crimes for the last 3 months have been stacked for comparison.
Crimes Grouped by Category for London, Westminster

Pie Chart

The outcomes for the latest month are plotted on the pie chart below giving a quick synopsis of the current situation.
Crime Outcomes for London, Westminster

Property Sales in September 2018

All property sold prices are available from the Land Registry which we have accessed to cross examine and plot this data for a two mile radius from the longitude and latitude relating to 'London, Westminster'. We also managed thousands of properties currently for sale and can plot this information to spot trends and forecast sale prices. Bookmark this page and watch this space.

Sold Prices Grouped by Property Type

Jan 2018£0£850,040£0£1,372,000£8,076,417
Feb 2018£1,500,000£1,273,381£0£3,049,411£13,922,199
Mar 2018£0£1,214,548£0£5,475,714£5,833,427
Apr 2018£0£1,235,863£0£2,520,250£12,966,474
May 2018£44,649,998£1,984,728£775,000£2,787,437£10,446,689
Jun 2018£0£1,185,193£0£2,396,089£9,505,407
Jul 2018£0£1,033,632£0£2,030,625£20,685,685
Aug 2018£0£844,033£0£3,234,610£6,238,070

Scatter chart

This scatter chart makes for interesting reading when comparing month on month for the different property types. This graph visualises the same data which is displayed in the table above.
Property Prices for London, Westminster

Line Chart

Joining the dots with a line graphs helps you spot trends. Again, this graph plots sold property prices in your selected area along with property types and the month/year.
Property Prices for London, Westminster

O&M Manuals

We also provide the software for creating Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals on behalf of our sister company Denaploy Manuals. The map above displays the project titles for O&M manuals within a 10 mile radius of 'London, Westminster'.

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