We are bespoke software developers with over 22 years experience of making things work, we have a wide range of Web Development tools that we can rapidly bring to bear on any problem and are confident of delivering on our promises In many cases we have worked with our clients for over 10 years covering East Sussex and surrounding areas
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    Web Development

    Web Development from The Dev Team The websites and web applications that we build are more akin to bespoke software applications than traditional websites. They incorporate complex business logic and processes from stock control and fulfilment to CRM functionality and data manipulation tools.

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    Software Development

    Software Development from The Dev Team Whether it's websites, web applications, PC based software, services or server based software we've got tonnes of development experience going back more than 20 years.

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    Project Management

    Project Management from The Dev Team Project Management is all about having good tools to collaborate and a team able to deliver

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    Dynamic Mapping

    Dynamic Mapping from The Dev Team It's quick, easy and inexpensive (if you know how). One of the biggest advances over the last few years has been the ability for anybody to gather longitude and latitude information and then plot it onto maps. If you're not already doing it then contact us to find out how you can.

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    Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization from The Dev Team For most websites, being accessible to Google is probably the most important requirement. The only way that this can be done is to make it carefully thought out and integrated part of your website. If anybody phones up offering to get you to the top of the search engine rankings for a few hundred pounds, don't believe them.

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    Data Visualisation

    Big Data & Data Visualisation

    Big Data & Data Visualisation from The Dev Team The amount of data that we, as humankind, are collecting is increasing exponentially. If you know what to do with the data, as we do, it can also be turned into a vital competitive advantage and business critical information that makes a real difference....

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    E-Commerce from The Dev Team Shopping carts, online shops and taking payments online is one of the more standard implementations in a website but the choice available to you is huge. We can help you implement your online shop whether it's a 3rd party plugin or built from scratch. We've done it all!

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    Collaboration Tools

    Collaboration Tools from The Dev Team The ability to work on the same documents, build specifications together, build projects together, share ideas and collaborate are essential for modern business. Effective collaboration is at the core of every project that we work on and we use a variety to tools and skill-sets to facilitate this.

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    Construction from The Dev Team Denaploy has been deeply involved in may aspects of the construction industry since its inception and has worked with Main Contractors, Sub-contractors, Architects, Surveyors and CDMCs. We understand the pressures of the industry and its sometime arcane vocabulary.

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    Property from The Dev Team There are over 22 million homes in the UK and we move once every six years on average throughout our lifetime. That's a lot of data and we deal with a good proportion of it.

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    Not for Profit & Charities

    Not for Profit & Charities from The Dev Team We do a number of different projects for Charities and Not for Profit organisations. Most of the problems needing to be solved are still the same and it suits our skillset to have a more hands-on approach to the project management.

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    Publishing from The Dev Team We've been working with publishing companies for over 20 years now, most notably for one of our major clients If you're after a fully integrated stock control and automatic ordering system or something as simple as data feed integration then look no further.

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    Blue Chip

    Blue Chip

    Blue Chip from The Dev Team We've worked with many blue chip companies over the last 20 years and continue to receive work on a regular basis underlying the fact that we are competitively priced and possess a skills that are hard to come by even for companies with thousands of employees.

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    International from The Dev Team The World is getting smaller by the day and the ability to work at a desk thousands of miles away is something we've been doing for years. Why let the logistics of getting from A to B get in the way of getting the software solutions you need when everything from meetings to deployment can be done remotely?

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    Eclipse Mininingware

    Eclipse Mininingware from The Dev Team Our Eclipse Miningware Solution is a cost effective solution for any startup mining company.

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    Small Business

    Small Businesses

    Small Businesses from The Dev Team Even if you've got a small business then you can afford a big IT department because you'll be hiring our skills and services for a fraction of the time and therefore cost compared to hiring permanent staff.

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    Joint Ventures

    Joint Ventures

    Joint Ventures from The Dev Team One of the downfalls of working in IT is that everybody and his dog has an idea of how they're going to make a fortune with the Internet. They usually have no money to invest but they do know somebody in the industry who might listen. Sometimes they do listen....

The continuing evolution of the internet creates many business opportunities needing specialist IT skills.

That's where we fit in. We are a highly skilled collective who are more than a match for most blue chip companies internal IT departments.

We're here to make IT and the Internet work for you.

Written on 23 March 2014

Graham Bishop was founded in July 2000 to bring directly to its clients the insights that flow from Graham Bishop's standing as a leading technical analyst of economic and structural developments in the financial markets of Europe

'The deregulation of Europe's financial markets due to the Single Market programme and EMU, create business and investment opportunities, so my publications, press articles, speeches and broadcasts, are designed to provide an informed commentary from the practical perspective of a market participant.'

The business problem

As a newly formed company without the deep pockets of the FT or the major banks, a key question was how to organise and distribute the highly specialised information that was being created by Graham’s team of dedicated editors.  They had no specialist IT expertise, were geographically located all round Europe, and needed to be able to update the information very quickly.

The solution

Working from a blank page, we quickly decided that the only effective way that this could work would be if each editor would be able to add their own information to the website directly. The mechanism had to be simple to operate and create its own navigational structure.

Since its inception several thousand articles have been published on the site and these now form one of the most comprehensive records of the development of the European markets and a valuable historical archive that is a key resource for all those with an interest in preparing for the changes that are going to have a major impact on how they do business.


The website has gone through several major upgrades that have improved the quality and range of the services offered.

  • Email summaries with links to the full articles on the latest developments are regularly despatched every Thursday and Monday.
  • On line presentations on how the site should be used and videos of a few key events have been added. 
  • New categories of information are being added as additional partners have become committed to the site as a delivery mechanism.
  • And as a result, more of the major institutions from around the world are relying on the service to keep them fully up to date on developments. is engaged with the key participants in this rapidly changing environment:

  • Investors,
  • Issuers (government and private),
  • Politicians,
  • Officials,
  • Central bankers,
  • Providers of the market infrastructure,
  • Academics,
  • The media
  • And other interested parties.

These contacts span the EU: at the European level, they include the Parliament, Commission and Central Bank as well as representative bodies and think tanks. In many Member States, contacts cover the same breadth of participants. The aim is to bring our members into contact with others in these groups and, especially, the opinions that flow from participants with such different perspectives.

The proximity to the policy formation process stems from Mr. Bishop's membership of key advisory Committees to the European Commission, and standing with both the European Central Bank and European Parliament. This enables the firm to interpret economic and political developments with authority and insight. Insights into the development of financial markets are re-inforced via a substantial consultancy contract with City Group. Moreover, this new consultancy firm has close links to several think tanks in London and Brussels - most importantly with The European Policy Centre where Mr. Bishop has been a senior Adviser since its inception in 1996.

This network keeps in close touch with both market sentiment and the structural changes that are underway. Correspondingly, it enables Mr. Bishop to maintain an independence of thinking that involves the members of this service so that they can make a full contribution to the EMU debate throughout Europe.

This is a very good practical example of how modern IT can be used to create a product, reduce costs and improve services.

To view the website, Click here

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