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EMail marketing done properly

We've worked hard over the last few months to create a tool which can be used for creating and managing your email marketing campaigns. This feature packed set of tools will help us help you make the most of your existing customers and maximise your revenue.

Avoiding spam filters whilst tracking the success of your newsletters isn't as straight forward as most people would first imagine which is why we're so proud of our newsletter services. We can supply you with the same turnkey solution as our existing clients whilst standing out from the crowd by providing you with a personal and attentive service.

Not only can we help with the structure and content of your newsletters but we work hard behind the scenes to ensure that our solution can work in tandem with your existing customer database(s).

In addition to our own tracking (views, clicks and unsubscribes associated with individuals) any links to pages on your website can be appended with your Google Analytics code meaning that sales value can also be attributed to your campaigns. Recently we have seen average sales of over £3 per email (based on a target group of 450). Not bad for an hour's work!

The latest additions to our newsletter suite include storing customer replies against the newsletter emails that they were sent and recording hard bounces.

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As with most of our projects this client came to us because they didn't have the necessary skills or resources in-house to deliver the project in the timescales provided. Even though American Express is a huge multi national company they outsource work because they invite external tenders for their work. This policy keeps internal departments on their toes (because they have to quote too) and ensures that the company remains competitive.

Knowledge Base

Eclipse EMail PowerBI Reporting Example

Eclipse EMail is available to all organisations, regardless of whether or they already exist as clients of TheDevTeam. Integrate your email services with all your other business data. Well structured, targeted campaigns can be finely tuned and developed as you learn to interpret the wealth of information that's generated as a result.

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There are literally thousands of different types of reports you can extract from our mining production tracking system: Eclipse Miningware. This article is a brief demonstration of just one; a daily report for the diggers which worked in production "yesterday".

Software Development Skills

Productivity in software development has improved even faster than the hardware - Moore's Law - double the power every 18 months.

Major sectors in which we have worked

Over the last 30 years we have gathered detailed knowledge of several business sectors, so we can speak fluently in the language of the users of our software.